Campsite rules



Always check in at the reception before entering the site, even if you have booked a pitch in advance

If the reception area is closed, read the information on the notice board and note opening hours, then find a pitch and register at the earliest opportunity (opening hours)

Check-out no later than 13:00


To reserve a pitch, you can book one or more unassigned pitches within a selected zone (A,B,C,D)

You can first select a pitch number once you have arrived.

When several people are travelling together, the first to arrive can be given the pitch(es) in the reception and can keep self-selected pitches for the others in the group.

For groups of more than 20 guests, we can hold sections of an area.

For vehicles over 10.5 metres we cannot guarantee a space even if you have booked, although in most cases we can arrange alternative parking.


Dogs and other four-legged quests Dogs and cats are permitted, but it is important that your pet is not a nuisance to other guests. Dogs should always be kept on a short leash, even at the pitch. Show consideration for others, remember that not everyone may appreciate animals as much as you do.


Mats on the grass The use of breathable mats is allowed, but not allowed with pressing or mats that are completely dense, as they damage the grass.


Quiet time at the campsite

Between 23:00 and 07:00 there should be quiet hours. During the day and evening, loud music or unnecessary noise from vehicles or similar sources that may disturb other guests, are not permitted.


Driving on site

Between 23:00 and 07:00 it is not permitted to drive on the site. During the day, try to avoid unnecessary driving, which may disturb other guests. This also applies to electric scooters and equivalent. Maximum 15 km/h.


Ball games or other activities on site

On and between the pitches it is not permitted to play with balls etc. which can damage cars and create unnecessary noise. Use the free area if there is free space there or the Lunde Slusepark. To get to and from there whenever possible use the gravel roads, avoiding criss-crossing the pitches.


Adapted for children

This is a room with a changing table in the sanitary building in zone A. Explore play options in Lunde Slusepark our closest neighbour. If you would like to paddle or swim, we have equipment for the whole family available to rent.


Free parking for guests:

If you are visiting someone at the campsite or have an extra car, it is possible to park for free on our guest parking area next to reception. Extra car parking spaces costs NOK 100,-/day


Fire and fire prevention measures:

Remember a minimum distance of 4 metres should be kept between camper, caravan and tent

Do not put a grill or hot objects on the lawn, instead use the gravel road or make sure there is enough distance from the grill to the grass, check by hand feel if the grass is hot – help us keep the lawn nice!

Open fires (bonfires/campfires) are not permitted on the campsite!

Fire hoses are in cupboards in the camping area.