Universal design – accessibility


Telemark Kanalcamping is part of the network initiative “Inclusive tourism in Telemark (Inkluderende reiseliv i Telemark)” to gain knowledge about facilitating accessibility for disabled people. The aim of the project is to identify opportunities and knowledge share about adaptations for different groups.

“Nobody can do everything for everybody, but everybody can do something for somebody” is the slogan of the project, and it describes the aim of our participation in the initiative.

We have a universally designed accessible service building. All roads on site are wheelchair accessible and accessible for blind/partially sighted people. The surface is hard-packed gravel with a surrounding lawn that provides good edge marking and minimal height differences.

Accessibility adaptations:

  • Sunflower symbol
  • Sanitary building A has a light sensor above all doors that glows green when the room is vacant and fixtures with high contrast levels have been used with the partially sighted people in mind.
  • Sanitary building A has 3 accessible sanitary rooms with larger bathrooms and accessible toilets. Generally threshold-free and all other rooms in the building are also large enough to be accessible for small wheelchairs.
  • All showers have 2 glass walls that are hinged to be able to open and provide extra space as required.
  • Campsite areas are flat with gravel and or lawn

Please email us with any queries at: post@kanalcamping.no

Mer info om fasiliteter og kart over campingen finnes på vår fasiliteter side.

Sunflower symbol

What is the Sunflower symbol (link) and why are we proud to support this initiative?

Not all disabilities are visible — some are invisible. The sunflower badge is a discreet way to show those around you that you have an invisible disability and may require extra assistance, help or simply some extra time. If you wear this badge/ribbon, our employees can more easily ask you if you would like help and how they can best assist you. The sunflower initiative is for adults and children.